Socks, socks and more socks

I do love a sock. In fact my name is Rebecca and I am a sockaholic. There I said it and over the years I have had many socks. They have been long and short. Silly socks and festive socks. Thermal socks, slipper socks and sports socks of every conceivable colour and sometimes I have even had sensible socks.

In recent times though I have really reigned in my sock buying and all was going well until ‘Trek’ happened.

Oh boy this has opened up a whole world of new socks that I haven’t ever considered and to be frank why would I have. Who knew there were so many types of trekking socks. Anti-blister anyone? Breathable, multi season, temperature control?

I am just loving the socks currently. The only area of concern though was a pair of socks I received for Christmas. They have L and R on them for ease of use. My question though is this – if you cannot tell your left foot from your right then clearly you shouldn’t be let out of your village never mind let loose to go to the other side of the world. What do they know? Luckily I have managed to get them onto the right feet. Phew.

Now sock has met boot it is time to walk.


A bridge too far?

Boots are needed that is a given but with so many choices I realised this was not a purchase to rush in to.

Some of the important features that were a must have were good ankle supports and they must be appropriate for the terrain. Thing is I have never bought walking boots before and I was really worried about making the wrong decision.

Seriously square eyes followed as I poured over websites, read reviews, descriptions and tried to match them up with what I thought would be suitable. Then in amongst this avalanche of information I stumbled across a real gem on the ‘Go Outdoors’ website. Straight forward video tutorials on walking boots and how to choose the right ones for the activity you are undertaking. The nice part was they were presented in such a way that you didn’t feel they just wanted you to buy any old pair.

Buoyed on by this new found knowledge of the most appropriate footwear for my trek I felt better prepared when I went along in person to choose. The best part of the whole experience though has to be the part where you walk over the bridge to try out the new boots for fit. This has to be the smallest bridge ever. So was it a bridge too far? well as it turned out it was just far enough.

Boots bought now just to break them in.




Got to love your feet⚠

There are so many things to consider when embarking upon a trek. Kit, innoculations, passport,visa and overall fitness amongst others. The one thing that was heavily emphasised though at the presentation evening was the need to not only obtain, but to crucially ensure that your walking boots were fit for purpose and must must must be well broken in prior to starting the India trek in October.

Now I love my feet as we go way back and over the years i have had some fabulous shoes and boots that have given me some shockingly awful blisters. Although the likelyhood of trekking in stilettos or other inappropriate fashion footwear is very remote, the importance of this very good piece of advice was not lost on me. There are enough horror stories to fill a whole blog post of people who have turned up at the airport on day one of the trek  with their brand new boots and have gone on to pay the price for this rookie error.1453026952104

Lord Sugar may always be looking for his next business partner i on the other hand was searching for my first pair of walking boots……Feet be ready 😆

Something for the Freezer

You are going on a trek. Are you going on a trek? What do you think about me going on a trek?  A head full of questions and statements as I drove home after the Trek India presentation.

What would the old man think? Well I needn’t have worried because given some  of the bonkers things I come out with from time to time he took it surprisingly well. His only concern was whether he would get his dinner before I go. Hahaha. I think he is looking forward to the peace and quiet if truth be told.

The children were slightly more bemused though. They have been used to me being away over the years with work or on training schemes. So I thought this would not phase them.  “Trekking mum?” “India?”.

Yes girls I am off to India.  Better put something in the freezer.

The Beginning

Pssst i have signed up to do a trek for Keech Hospice Care. What!!! i hear you shout….and then comes the W’s. Why, where and when?

So how did i arrive at this point you may wonder. To understand you need to go back in time to November 2013 and take a seat with me in a church hall in Dunstable. I had been invited to hear a lady talk about climbing Mt Kilamanjaro for Keech.Her presentation was so inspirational that by the end i wanted to climb it too.

With treking i think timing is everything. Find the right one for you and everything else will fall into place.  Funny thing is i made my decision to finally take the plunge when i found myself again on a chair in a room listening to a presention about a trek … India.

Let the journey begin☺